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I’m a beginner, but now I feel that I know everything about building a successful course.
- Dina Elbdiwy

Top 100 Leaders in Education Award at GFEL

Excellent course. Lectures are impeccable and sufficient additional resources are provided on each topic.
- Yatish Singh

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"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough," Einstein has said. Marina is able to explore in depth, complex topics and distill the densest ideas into clear language that’s easily understood by her target audience.

Christopher Pappas

MBA. M.Ed. / Founder of eLearning Industry

This course is thorough and has a fantastic design flow.
The information itself is comprehensive and it was clearly designed by an industry expert! I feel lucky to have been able to take this course with Marina. Thanks again, Marina!

Kristin Espinar

IELTS Coach, Founder of Activate Your IELTS


You will get unlimited access to the training. You will also get lots of supplementary handouts and templates that you can use to create your own courses. In addition, there is a discussion board where we talk about the course, your problems, and All Things Digital Learning! And, the best part is that, in addition to all the cheat sheets, action plans, and worksheets, you’ll get the plug and play email marketing copy, social media posts templates, the step-by-step launch plan, the Perfect Masterclass framework, as well as the course and masterclass templates! This means you won’t need to invest in expensive copywriters and graphic designers. And… you will be learning from an award-winning instructional designer with more than 15 years of experience who helped thousands course creators design successful online courses! All for the price of $297!

I get it. My goal is to provide you with actionable information that you can implement right away…not “fluff” that sends you in a million different directions. You’re saving time by joining my Idea to Course program and getting an actual system and process to start creating truly effective online courses, rather than taking shots in the dark and figuring things out on your own or investing in expensive training courses that never actually show you the best practices for creating impactful courses that brings measurable results.

I want you to be successful and I’ll be there for you to answer questions and clarify things, as needed. Underneath each training video, you’re invited to comment, post your questions and get the help you need. If you are having a challenge you need help with, write perfectcourseconsulting@gmail.com and we’ll take care of you as quickly as we can. There is also a discussion board where you can ask questions, discuss problems,or anything else related to the program or the course you want to create.

Yes, all phases of the program are 100% self-paced, which means you can enjoy it at any time and place.

Definitely! Once you purchase the program or a phase in the program, you get unlimited access to all lessons, downloadable materials, and future updates. You don’t need to worry about renewing your access! Just login and start learning!

Of course! I genuinely want you to succeed, which is why I offer a 7- day money back guarantee. But, let me say this upfront. This Idea to Courseis the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for those who are committed to creating successful online courses. I am confident that if you do the work, you’ll get enormous benefit from this program. And I am happy to back that up with our risk-free guarantee. If you do the work and don’t get the value, submit your completed assignments within the first seven days, and get a full and complete refund. Simple as that!

Write to us at perfectcourseconsulting@gmail.com and we’ll happily take care of you.

Don't lose this opportunity to create a top-selling course - the easy way

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